His prints are in the permanent collection of the US Department of the Interior and private collections in Germany, Alabama, Colorado, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. Location portraits are his bread and butter, but the collected prints are landscape and figure.

Awards include Best of Show in the State Fairs for Alabama (3 times), New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He also received a Honorable Mention in the All Services Armed Forces Competition.

1. Ansel Adams Workshop 1988, Art Kane Cape May Photographic Workshops (Jay Maisel, Image Bank, Art Kane, Michael Raab) 1991, 1993, Joyce Tenneson at the Santa Fe Workshops 1994 and Greg Gorman in 1998.
2. 200 + Photography books in a personal library
3. MS in Systems Management
4. Explosive Ordnance Disposal School and 20 years experience in Army bomb disposal units to include Chief, Hazardous Devices Detachment (taught search and disposal of home-made bombs to civilian law enforcement)
5. Sarah Elizabeth who turns 12 in January and started Sixth Grade this September.

Trent, TX
Website: www.JoeStarkey.com
Email: PJStarkey9@aol.com