Selections from the erotic albums.

Apparitions. Reality to surreality. Looking closer into your peripheral vision. I started selecting a series of images from the naughty film I bring to the one hour lab. The images found many times are the rejects, the ones they do not charge you for. The blurry ones, the over exposed, the ones taken while starting a new roll of film. I found these can be the most interesting images on the roll. They are quiet images. Less is more. Many times they are the most honest. So I pursued this style further thus creating this series "Apparitions."

John Balessari once spoke of how you ruin the picture as soon as you put the camera to your eye. I believe in this somewhat. I do fully believe in chance. Magical things happen with chance when you let yourself go to it. Letting chance and movement happen with the simple human figure can produce some lovely results.

Mark Sink, photographer, curator and teacher, has been and making a living from fine art photography since 1978. His personal work is in numerous museum collections as well as gallery solo and group shows in the US, South America and Europe. He is currently represented by G. Ray Hawkins in CA. Robin Rice in NY, Rule Modern and Contemporary in Denver, along with galleries in Seattle and Santa Fe. As a photographer of fine art he worked with and documented noted artists lives and their work such as Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat and Rene Ricard.

His curatorial photography projects are numerous. Recent critical acclaim with the Museum Of Contemporary Art/Denver photography exhibitions should be noted. Mark has photography gallery in Denver, Gallery Sink and has been showing a wide range of emerging artist's found from Fotofest, SPE and Photo Americas along side well known names. Recent shows Emotional Distance (landscape), Human Form and Social Landscapes (social documentary).

Mark's family heritage in photography runs deep. Sink's on-going research is on his great grand father photographer James L. Breese, who was the founder, member and primary inspiration for the Camera Club of NY one of the earliest grouping of fine art photographers in America. And further back Samuel Finley Breese Morse, (Breese's uncle), was "the father of American photography". With this legacy in mind Sink, has formed a monthly Salon of artists both on the Internet and in his living room.

Photography exhibits culled from and created on the Internet has been a ten-year passion with Mark. He achieved successful results with web sites such as ( and by assembling traveling exhibitions from the net such as "Off The Highway". A recent project is the "Festival of Light" ( coordinated with the Houston Fotofest is a collaboration of 21 festivals in 15 countries into one site.