I live in Kokura,Kitakyushu City, the south side of Japan,Kyushuisland. I studied history of art and Japanese painting in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. When I was very young my father, an Amateur photographer, taught me how to take photographs. I was Interested in it, and bought a cheap half frame camera by myself. However, I became enthusiastic about painting after I entered junior high. While I was in the university, I joined a photoclub, but I was a very lazy member. I had a chance to see Imogene Cunningham's work in 1991. Her photographs impressed me so deeply. Her works opened my eyes. They showed me that photography is a fine art. So I began totake Photographs again. These four years I have been taking photographs of Flowers mostly, and some times female nude. I always hope to express My femininity image as a woman in the photograph.

559-9,Shii, Kokura-Minami
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 803, Japan
Email: tamaki@interlink.or.jp