Photographer RJ Muna is widely known as an innovative and multi-faceted creative talent. Muna creates unique bodies of work, characterized by strong composition and varied subject matter. Whether using black & white or color film, darkroom or digital compositing, the images are consistently outstanding. Muna's artwork is represented by national galleries and most recently published in a large-format, display book entitled The Apparitions.

* Note, this was written by RJ and appears in his book, The Apparitions.

There is a place outside the boundaries of rational discourse where the mind slips into wordless interludes and emotions are reduced to raw singularities.

Perception overtakes sight.

Thoughts disengage, and distill into prime elements. Impressions drift unencumbered, separated by tangible measures.

From these spaces in between, shadows of the subconscious materialize with transient bursts of clarity.

Born from lingering memories and the temptation of hope, emerging out of peripheral visions, appearing only as flashes of gesture.

They are embodiments of lightness, desire, fear, madness and mayhem.

These manifestations, which evaporate when grasped.

These immaculate notes of sensation.

These Apparitions.