It's my goal as an artist to stretch my medium to it's extreme rather than working within the confines of pre-discovered techniques. In the process of working I tend to mix traditional, as well as my own methodology in producing a work. Thus creating a very unique form of photography. It's important to note that I employ photography as means to an end such as the painter uses oils and canvas. Light and light sensitive materials are my tools. I tend to concentrate on the manipulation of light through the development process rather than focusing on what I can produce by looking through the viewfinder.

I've always worked photographically and, most recently in a linear realm. This process has helped me to more easily deconstruct my thoughts and ideas conceptually. I have an affinity for social concepts and language Š such as gender, race and sexuality. Much of this work plays on stereotypes and the human tendency to judge on another. I use my imagery as a way to sarcastically chastise this human condition, often times through strong yet subtle use of imagery and verbiage. Much of my images are done in silhouette, using extreme black & white to further impress my point. I've found that the use of these shades helps to draw on preconceived notions of what is represented by the lack of color and the reflection of all color (black-devil, white-purity), accenting my work further.