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Curated by Mark Sink -

Now in its sixth year, thesight is a curated, online exhibition featuring the work from fine-art photgraphers from around the world.

thesight was originally created through the collaboration of fine-art photographers who regularly participated in American Online's Photography Forum Fine Art Message Board. The group has also orchestrated many 'group shows' throughout the United States under the name 'Off The Highway'.

Many participating artist's still correspond with each other through the original American Online message board, but due to increased participation of international artists, it was necessary to create an online board at thesight. This Fine Art Board, theFAB, allows fine-art photographers from every nation to communicate and exchange ideas as well as post images online for immediate critiquing by the group.

In 1997, this website and it's artists were featured in The Wall Street Journal. In 1998, USA Today published an article on thesight.

FAB Group at Off The Highway Opening
gallerysink; Denver, Colorado
September 29th, 2000
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thesight has a yearly call-for-entries to select the artists who will participate in thesight's next yearly exhibition series. Details are posted within theFAB. thesight operates as a virtual co-op. No fees are charged with the call-for-entries, a small fee is charged to artists who are chosen for the exhibition and this fee pays for the website server, the Fine Art Board, and website design for the entire year.

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